expressions of solidarity

In my previous post I stated that the struggle for social justice is taking on a new form in an age of global interconnectedness because humanity is developing the will and the capacity to speak out with a unified voice.

A global initiative that illustrates this emerging will and capacity has recently sprung up, focused on the widespread human rights violations in Iran. United For Iran is supported by a host of Nobel Peace laureates, international human rights organizations, and other prominent individuals and groups who are speaking out, with one voice, for the cause of justice and human rights.

Desmond Tutu conveys the universal, non-sectarian, and non-partisan basis of this initiative when he calls out to the victims of oppression in Iran and asserts that “People around the world are gathering to bear witness. We stand together in solidarity. You are not alone. We are with you.”

Demonstrations of mass support for the victims of oppression in Iran will occur on July 25, in over 100 cities around the world. This expression of global solidarity, organized in the space of only a few days, would have been impossible to achieve only ten years ago.  In the years ahead, the power of oneness will be expressed in ways we can scarcely imagine today.

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  Kadria wrote @

Wonderful, insightful post. I hope you don’t mind i posted a photo on flickr and added this blog post as a link.

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