spiritual forces

It has taken humanity tens of thousands of years to understand and harness basic electromagnetic forces. Centuries ago these forces would have been impossible to conceive or explain. But thanks to science, no one doubts that they exist today. Our systems of communication, transportation, and power transmission, along with most other modern technologies, were only made possible by the application of these relatively intangible forces.

But what if there are even less tangible forces that ultimately govern human reality? And what if these forces appear as mysterious to us today as electromagnetic forces did to those who lived centuries ago? And what if we have reached a point in our social evolution where we cannot advance any further, or overcome the challenges that face us, until we learn how to systematically and consistently harness these spiritual forces?

Consider this analogy: The difference between a magnetized piece of iron and a non-magnetized piece of iron is the alignment of its internal elements. This internal alignment turns the iron into an instrument for the expression of powerful, yet invisible, magnetic forces that were potentially there all along. Is this so different from the spiritual forces that we can harness when we attend to our own internal alignment — our qualities of character, our thoughts, our attitudes, and so forth? And is this so different from forces we can collectively harness if we pay more attention to the internal alignment of the institutions by which we govern ourselves?

The challenges we are facing in the world today cannot be solved by science and technology alone. These challenge require the rational application of deeper spiritual forces.

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